Bicycle is a Media Experience Design Agency based in London, UK. We work with clients including LiveScore, Virgin, Moju Drinks and Swyft Furniture (among others).

Media experience (MX) is a new concept engineered to work hand-in-glove with a brand's CX and UX disciplines. MX focuses on context and actual experience rather than channel, placing the entire emphasis on effect.

Rather than rely on the claimed and assumed behaviours so often leant on by media agencies, MX uses a blend of data science and qualitative insight to observe and utilise real human behaviour and intent.

We obsess over people, experience and outcome rather than channel, deals and outputs. We’re building a space where the nicest, smartest and happiest people aspire to work and to be a partner that the most interesting and ambitious clients want to hire.

We're determined to leave the industry better and more diverse than we found it and create famous and effective work that you want to tell your mum about. We're going to change how the advertising and marketing worlds view what media can and should be. We're art and science. Brand and performance. Creativity and data. There is no line.

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